Pot, Adams and Ollman, Portland, OR


Dust, Adams and Ollman, Portland, OR

Now and Then, The Hole, New York, NY

Magic, Roberts Gallery, Culver City, CA

We Construct Marvels Between Monuments, Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR

Opening a Can, Et al. etc., San Francisco, CA

bow bow with Sahar Khoury, CANADA, New York, NY


The Middle Riddle with Chris Johanson, The Journal Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


House of Escaping Forms with Chris Johanson, Fleischer/Ollman, Philadelphia, PA

Perfect Day, Roberts Projects, Culver City, CA

The Secret Staircase, Adams and Ollman, Portland, OR

Welcome to the Left Coast: 2016 Presidential Primary, The Luggage Store, San Francisco, CA


Chris Johanson and Johanna Jackson, Fleischer/Ollman, Philadelphia, PA

Marlborough Lights, Marlborough Gallery, New York, NY

What It Means to Learn, with Dana Dart-McLean, Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA

And There is an End, Roberts Projects, Culver City, CA 2013

The Big Fig, Portland Museum of Modern Art, Portland, OR


Money on Fire, video commission for the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA

Johanna Jackson’s work has also been exhibited in group shows at the Oakland Museum of California

and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art among others.